I hate writing posts about how I’m going to write more frequently. Who cares? So I didn’t write here for the better part of a year. I’ve been busy writing other places, and you can check those out if you are really interested in a day-to-day chronicle of my existence…. which I doubt.

That said, I want to write a bit more here on some of the topics I think are straying too far from my day to day posting on my other blog, so call it what you will: a reboot, a return, a reinvigoration of an old site. Or maybe just a note about future topics after a temporary absense.


I’ve been trying to bring my sketching to the next level.

Yeah, I know I’m not great. Despite having lots of friends pat me on the back and tell me how awesome it is that I can draw as well as I can, which is mediocre at best, I see the quality of work that is out there and I know I have a few grade levels to ascend before I can compare.

I have written a bit about sketching on my other blog, but people who read that are only interested in it because it overlaps with the adventure travel part of my life. After spending a pair of weeks in Florida and drawing multiple times daily, I have a better sense of where I can improve and where a lot of my weaknesses are. I want to record those here… because making a record of things like that, articulating, and planning how to systematically upgrade those skills is how they get fixed. But that makes for shitty blog posts, particularly when you are trying to build an audience on other unrelated topics.

So rather than kick off a whole new blog I’ll note that I have four active sites, and this one drew the short straw for where this kind of content gets to live.

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