I may have mentioned it once, and I’ll likely mention it again, but I used to write a different blog somewhere else. Not inconsequentially either. It went on for about sixteen years.

I retired it because it dived pretty deeply into a past version of myself that I couldn’t always stand behind and rather than scrape it clean or sanitize it, I reset.

While I wrote a few things I was not glowingly proud of, there were a few other things that I think reflected well on my own personal reasons for keeping an online and public journal. One of those things was an effort I made routinely to read more fiction and document it.

To that end, I would set a modest goal of reading a specific number of novels each year and then documenting the effort. Short book reviews followed by an introduction to my next selection.

As the year of crazy (ie. 2020) winds to a close I’m working my way through Dune for the third time. But I’m hoping to have that finished before New Years and then, as we dive into 2021, I want to set a goal of twenty-one novels to be read over next year. This is all part of a larger effort to create a reading list of my favourite novels somewhere else on this website. It’s a big job, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

So, as December levels into a steady beat I’m declaring the first of what will likely be a few 2021 projects: the Reading List of 2021.

Twenty-one novels.

Twenty-one reviews.

Stay tuned.

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