Video: Let’s Draw

I thought it would be appropriate to turn this comic into a “Let’s Draw” video:

As I’ll write more about in coming months, I use the free vector drawing software Inkscape to create all of my art. This hour-long video takes you through the process I use to go from idea to a complete comic, building off of my library of character art stills and adapting what I need for a new strip.

This is Pi Art²

Archives from an old blog I used to write. A lot of those posts were valuable and well-travelled so I imported them into this site in 2021.

Welcome to This is Pi Day ….’s Artist Blog — Pi Art² — where I wrote about the tools, technologies and techniques I use to draw a weekly web comic.

Do you Like (Drawing) Web Comics?

Pi Art² was a companion site to This is Pi Day, an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is created, written, illustrated, and promoted by me from a quiet suburb of a remote Canadian city called Edmonton, Alberta.

This site will slowly, week by week, start to build a small collection of videos, articles, and tutorials by the artist about the technology & tactics used to create an online web comic. I will cover topics such as drawing in Inkscape, file and art library management, running a social media channel and website, and finding inspiration.