Lazy Pixel Lazy, A Reboot

I used to write a lot.

In fact, for sixteen years I kept a personal blog that may have manifested as little more than an online journal of my life but accumulated nearly two million words worth of content before I shut it off for professional reasons. Simply, I didn’t want people who worked for, with, or above me to dig through the archives and hold me accountable in my forties for something I’d written in my twenties. The entire contents now live, password protected, on a private server in my basement waiting for the day that someone, likely a much older me or my now-tweenage daughter to realize that those words hold some kind of personal historical record worth revisiting.

Between shuttering that blog, and today I’ve written a smattering of other things but nothing has inspired me to sit down day after day and put words and ideas to text like that blog ever did.

By some weird coincidence, today is exactly 500 days since I wrote my last post there, my “so long… this is done” post. And while that was a blog written and designed by a twenty-something trying to fill a writing niche that the world demanded, this site is one designed by a forty-something trying to fill a writing niche that his soul requested. Five hundred days later I’m rebooting. The Pixelazy Project is, or will be, a collection of writing — personal, opinion, idea-driven, and largely inconsequential, save for a potential historical record worth revisiting someday.

No personas. No themes. No topic. Just words that I feel like sharing.

All that stated, I should warn potential readers that I have lots of odd ideas about being online in the 2020s.

I’m bored of purposeless content. I’m frustrated by uninformed opinion. And I have little tolerance for unoriginal text or images.

What I post here will be my own pixels. Thus, despite the title, the pixels are anything by lazy. It will be my own photos, my own art, my own written text. There are no memes. This is not a portal to someone else’s brain. It is an outlet for my own. I plan to post writing about things that interest me in multiple formats: long, short, deep, and shallow. If I opt to keep writing for another sixteen year stint, that would bring me close to my sixties and the last thing anyone wants is a sixty year old trying to stay relevant in whatever the world looks like in the mid-30s.

I used to write a lot. I plan to again.

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